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How To Join Team VH

In order to join Team VH you must meet a few requirements before going on trial. During the trial period we will get to know you more and determine whether you are compatible with our team or not. Things such as Communication, Activeness, Skill and Cooperation will matter most.

- You must have the prime version of Counter-Strike 2. Join our discord server. Upon passing trial, you will be granted access to our private discord channels.

- Any kind of cheating, hacks, or macros will result in a permanent ban from VH.

- Must have a decent headset/microphone.

- You must be dedicated to Counter-Strike.

- You are expected to game with the team at least 2 days a week. (Minimum of 25 ranked matches with the team weekly)

- Should be cooperative and respectable to all team mates.

- Fill out the short application below and click send.

- Trial period will last anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Interested in Joining? Fill out the application below

Success! Message received.

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